Place Cards

Photo by Alison Logan
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Custom Designed Place Cards 

Place cards have become an important part of your table scape for any occasion. Whether its to identify meal choices at dinnertime, or to  mark the spot of your cherished guests, particularly during these challenging times, place cards don't have to be (and should never be) an after thought. Designed with your theme in mind with lovely hand written calligraphy, these cards compliment your decor and leave your guests with an endearing keepsake to cherish. 

Designs can be printed cost effectively on quality Card stock, or on homemade cotton rag paper or vellum to enhance the look and feel. Contact us today to talk about the many beautiful options available.

Prices start at $1.00 per card.

Calligraphy-Only Services

(Customer supplies a suitable card)


$0.50 - $0.75 per card.


Objects other than paper/card stock:

Let me know what you have and I’ll provide a custom price quote for you!

**Important Details** If you are providing cards or materials to use for place cards, please supply an additional 15% in case of mistakes, smudges, misspelling, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t have a delete button.**

Sound good? Contact me and let's get started!

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