Custom Services Policy

Payment & Order Cancellation:

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before I begin working on your project. The balance is due once I have completed the project, and then the goods will be delivered to you using your pre-paid trackable shipping service.

  • Any changes to the scope of the order must be agreed upon by both parties. If the order increases, the balance due will be adjusted and signed off on by the client. If the order is reduced below the original invoice amount, no refund will be made.

  • Once we have received your deposit, your project is scheduled and will be completed by the agreed upon date. All parties will work within the dates discussed to meet their obligations. Work does not begin until your deposit is received.

  • If an order is cancelled by the client, the deposit is not refundable. If I am unable to complete an order due to catastrophic circumstances, I will refund your deposit in full, less any specially ordered paper supplies, in which I will also return those supplies to you. (But rest assured, it would take a catastrophe to prevent me from doing what I love!)

  • This studio has a minimum order of $50.


Paper & Materials:

  • Work that is being completed using hand drawn lettering and illustration requires an additional 20% supply of your paper goods. For example, for 100 finished envelopes, at least 120 blank envelopes must be provided. The same applies to unorthodox substrates (for example. Leaves, tiles, cloth). Unused materials will be returned to the client upon project completion.

  • Large items on chalkboard, wood, and mirrors are not subject to the 20% allowance.

  • This studio does not supply paper unless otherwise specified and agreed upon. I am, however, happy to advise about paper types at no charge.

  • All paper must be shipped at the clients expense, using a trackable shipper, prior to the start date of the order. If you prefer to hand deliver and/or pick up from the studio, we can make arrangements for that.

  • Paper type and colour must be established before an order is excepted. Papers with porous, metallic, and glossy surfaces can be problematic for calligraphy, which is why pre-approval is required. Changes in paper type or colour after a price is quoted may result in changes to project cost.

  • Use of metallic ink, more than one ink colour in a single design, or complex flourishing may incur an additional fee.


Submission of Text & Address Lists:

  • Guests names and addresses must be submitted exactly as they should be produced in calligraphy. This includes formal titles, capitalization, abbreviations, and punctuation. (example, if you write Mr & Mrs versus Mr. and Mrs. that is how I will write it.)

  • Guest and address list must be typed and numbered, and submitted in an editable format. When submitting a Word or Google document, write addresses in stacked format with line breaks, just as they should be on the envelopes. When submitting a spreadsheet, each line of the address must be in its own column. Spreadsheets with extra columns of information that aren’t relevant to the job will not be excepted. Hand written lists will not be accepted.

  • Proofread and finalize all text and guest list before submitting them. Any changes or additions should be emailed immediately as a separate document. If redos are required based on the new document, they will be charged as additional items.

  • If I make an error on spelling, or layout please bring it to my attention immediately, and it will be re-done immediately at no charge, and shipped at the studios expense.


Scheduling, Rush Orders, & Shipping:

  • Projects are scheduled to begin on specific dates. The deposit books your project start date, and all text and paper must be received on or before that date

  • Allow three weeks for envelope place card, and escort card orders up to 150 pieces. Turnaround time for larger orders signage or very complex designs will be estimated on a case-by-case basis. Digitalized calligraphy generally takes 14 days from the receipt of text and deposit payment to the presentation of the first proof(s).

  • Clients are responsible for all shipping fees. Completed orders will be shipped using a trackable shipping service, and the shipping total will be added to the final invoice. In the case of local orders, delivery to the studio and pick up by the client will be considered.

  • Rush orders incur an additional 20% charge, and expedited shipping rates may also apply. Rush orders will be considered on a case-by-case basis dependant on the studios schedule.


Design Consulting & Samples:

  • This studio is happy to consult about the lay out, design, and color, paper, and other aesthetic considerations. Please refer to our website as a starting point for choosing a lettering style.

  • Ideally, custom samples should be done on the same paper that will be used in the project, so that the finished work will exactly match the sample. If providing a paper sample is not feasible, client should understand that some variation between the sample and the finished product may occur.

  • Samples of your custom, hand drawn order will be sent to you via photographs. You will be required to send revisions and suggestions back in a timely manner so the project does not get delayed.


Digitized Calligraphy (non-commercial):

  • Lettering digitized for reproduction is done the traditional way – all created to order, written by hand, then digitized and exported for use in print or on the web.

  • Digitize lettering is priced on a case-by-case basis depending on the design’s complexity. Prices include a digital proof for client approval and one round of edits.

  • Prices do not include printing, unless otherwise stated.

  • Digital designs are delivered as print-ready PDF’s or .jpgs.

  • The quoted price for digital designs assume that they will be put to personal (i.e. non-commercial) use.

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