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My name is Jennifer Collett, and I am Jennico Calligraphy.


I fell in love with the art of calligraphy at the young age of nine. I recall sitting beside my mother, who doodled while talking on the phone, and being mesmerized by the beauty of her artwork.


I quickly found myself doing the same – drawing intricate letters and experimenting with shapes. I used regular pens and paper to learn, practice and hone my skills in the art of calligraphy before purchasing a calligraphy set many years later.  


Throughout my life, whenever I would see interesting text on a poster, billboard or advertisement, my hand would – seemingly on its own – find itself tracing the font in mid-air.


In between raising my own family and working as a learning coach, I would spend my spare time hand-drawing artwork for friends and family. But, I always knew I wanted more.


In July 2018, Jennico Custom Calligraphy and Illustrations was born. Today, I work with clients to design beautiful, one-of-a-kind stationery for all types of special events.

By bringing my dreams to reality, I am now honoured to help you do the same.

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